5 Reasons .. She Might Not Be Feeling you Bro

Everyday some hopeless nigga with an amazing  collection Of Foams or Jordans is either shot or killed because The Bitch He Thought he was messing with is Number 2’n him for another Nigga! Cant even tell how you how much ive watch a nigga go to war for a chick that doesn’t even claim either of them.

But If these 5 signs pop up anytime during your quest .. might wanna reconsidered ..

1. She Not Texting you good Morning First, a chick thats feeling you goes to sleeping thinking about you or waking up thinking about you, if you have to text her first everytime shes really not that into you fam’ron

2.you dont know her work schedule, theres no way in hell you can think thats ya bitch if you cant randomly pop up on her with some flowers or something. you dont know shit about her job days off .. thats ya bitch tho?? … smh

3. She Doesn’t Act Like you, Whenever a girl is feeling a dude she’s act like him his slang, his liking in music she stealing his tees to go to sleep in, She hates the people you hate she becomes you. if she dont act like you that aint your bitch bro.

4. Another Niggas jokes is always funnier, ya bitch should think your Kevin Hart, Mix with the old martin. how does that look when yall on the phone she just dieing of laughter at a nigga tweet smh. she’s retweeting the same shirtless nigga with tats, she aint just sending you that cute pic fam… face it.

5. And Final … She not letting you go skinless dawg if thats ya bitch she should trust you with her life, yall never have unprotected sex?? and you buying her shit taking it somewhere paying a bill .. and she not letting you up in without the glove ..smh! Nothing Says “I Love You” Like some Good Raw Sex Alot of Females wont Publicly Agree … But they Agree tho ..

– I can go on for days but theres are just some Bright Highlights …. Be safe Out here, Sometimes niggaz gotta wake up and just realize they just the outside nigga, niggaz gotta stop having these Husbands Emotions for a chick thats viewing you as a side Nigga!


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