Get in the Game: @QB_Blackdiamond Freestyles on Sway in the Morning (BRIDGEPORT CTS OWN!!)

(Via Sways Universe)

As we do every Wednesday on our Get in the Game feature on Sway in the Morning, we pass the mic to an up-and-coming artist, play their music and let the Citizens call in with their thoughts. At the end of the interview, we tally up their votes and decide whether we should put them in the game — and play their music on Shade 45 — or sit them on the bench.

Our latest guest, QB Black Diamond from Queen of the Ring (who was also highly recommended by Star of Star and Bucwild) stopped by, played us her tunes and explained how she got started.

Follow this highest paid female battle rapper @QBBlackDiamond, and watch her freestyle below.

Man The Cosigns Big! Proud of my Homie QB … seem just like yesterday we on are way back from summer madness 2 cracking jokes lol!!! Salute!!!


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