These Hoes Be Acting Up, They Boyfriends be letting them, or they boos, whomever be letting them? you ever worried about your girl in a club well not cause she in the club because she posted pics with the single hoe friends that hate you. you see them in a vip full a niggaz you dont even know or fucked with and all your girl has to say about it is. those (Insert Hoe Friends Name) People i was just chilling. No Boyfriends wants that kind of stress esp if you one of them niggaz. not on no insercure just dont hand nobody the bullets to shoot at ya nigga. well heres the rules for girlfriends/baby mothers at the club.

5. No New Friends: Which Means once you and ya nigga finally say lets do this lets become a item. which ever friend he meets better be the only friends that you go to the club with, just saying yall did a 1-2 year span of fucking around and you basically met all the friends now that yall gf/bf you start going to the club with new homegirls we as man easily think she a hoe cause she prolly dont have nothing going for herself and only time we see her is on insta posing in a vip section!! with somebody elses at that .. be organic bitch keep the same homegirls. or party with your cousins.

4.Stay Away From Other Niggaz Vips: Never Take the Invite of partying with another nigga in his vip section. thats a instant flag in the relationship. If you man is one of them niggaz PLEASE FOLLOW THIS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!! remember how in state property 1, when dame sent the bottle of champagne to beans girl table. beans girl held it down, but the thirsty brownskinned jawnt friend wanted everybody to go over there .. smh!! then them bitches ended up kiddnapped smfh!!!  You party in anotha nigga Vip you on the menu if you in somebody section. be classy queens not trashy hoes.

3. Be Classy- Nothing Like a Classy Women, These Trashy Hoes is the worst cause its nothing worst then ya nigga at his overnight job working all nightttt prolly go in and out his instagram app sneaking looks at his phone cause theres no looking at ya phone at the job. he clocks out get a full screening of his girl twerking it on some table at a local hood bar full of niggaz in foams and jordans n last year polo .. smh!! … be Classy … Not Trashy!!!!

2.Dont Accept Drinks From Just Anybody – We live in a Generation of getting Money and working hard is easy!!!! so ya cheap ass should not be in the club accepting drinks from dirty niggaz in foams all night. pregame if you half too that molly all in her champagne shit is wild true and a lifestyle niggaz out here catching mad bottles of dropping date rape drugs in these bitches drinks smh!

1. Just Respect Ya Nigga when you out. he represents you …you represent Him. i mean if yall boyfriend/girlfriend. if you a sidebitch just shut up, stay away from niggaz in the club if they aint ya man right hand nigga!!! stay away from him. those be the niggaz that try to get at you some nigga ya boyfriend just dap up!! just be classy have more classy friends less trashy hoe friends. even some classy hoes be the most sophisticated trashy hoes!!. and buy ya own drink .. that molly can fuck ya life up …… thank you! follow these simple rules you might be happy for a lonnnnnng time!


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