[Thisisthelifeyouwant] We ExClusive …. But Not Official …

know ya role

The biggest roadblock for women looking for a legitimate relationship is the inability to speak up. Yall Hoes afraid to speak first, you’re afraid to ask to be taken on a real date, you’re afraid to call him after the first time you have sex, and worst of all you are afraid to tell him that you don’t just want to be his fuck buddy anymore. Stop Being So Fucking Shy.Way too many Bitches are scared to communicate to the person who matters most, so they front and be like they’re content with these half-ass relationships. Bitches Luv telling their Lonely ass girlfriends how they feel and all the things she wishes he would do But when ya nigga right there face to face, it’s cricket season. I’ve dealt with girls who were sassy,  nasty bitches, and loud ratchet hoes (Im not proud of that lol) , but inspite of all of that they were still too nervous to check me on my bullshit. “You tell me what you want to do” is the shy bitch anthem. Cause I Treated em different then the average nigga.  Bitches love the basic kind of nigga, not the one thats gonna have patience with them. thats another blog tho ..Why are women so passive where it matters the most? If you express all of your feelings he’s going to think you’re a nagging nahhhhh. you do that its letting them know where ya head is at.

Bitches are notorious for saying they don’t want a relationship, yet they take the dick and agree to be exclusive. After enough time passes that girl’s patience wears thin and she throws a fit because he hasn’t automatically upgraded her to a title she initially said she didn’t want.

This isn’t a case of  Bitches not wanting a boyfriend then falling in love, it’s an example of how women want to be loved, but are afraid to admit that to themselves.  Plan and Simple Ladies, if you just want sex from a Nigga it’s this easy, “Come thru tonight”. or “Can I Come By” .. They don’t want to be that forward because then that guy will think they’re freaks. Or Hoes .. Some of yall dont care believe me i know So what Embrace your Whorism ! Why go through all of that getting to know each other shit if you aren’t ready for something serious?  Skeezer Why waste your time flirting and playing hard to get if you just want to be piped?!?!?? You don’t want to come off like a slut, so you act like you’re not just trying to fuck even though you are just trying to fuck. Huh?

Bitches Be on Twitter Like ..Im not like the rest of these birds who are hard up for love, need to be up under a dude, stalk his Insta, and blow up his phone…  Yall bitches swear yall the coolest Hoes on the planet. Down to trip with his boys, drink out the bottle, let him talk to other girls, and fuck him whenever. That’s the sales pitch a lot of women are sticking with. The problem with that bullshit is that not only is it fake. It Devaules the Fuck Outta yourself.

you think guys want a girl who’s not a pain in the ass and who won’t pressure him? We Love The Bitch Thats Gonna Keep us on are toes, Dress us up Go Shopping for us, Just Stay on are heels .. real niggaz love. dont get it confused we just dont love these hoes. spoiling somebody that hold you down almost the dopest feeling ever. thats another blog tho. I Really dont wanna talk yall to death my jack about to die …

but the moral of the story is ..

It’s okay to embrace your romantic side and be a girly girl in the 21st century. Yeah you’re focused on money, school, family, and whatever but don’t blow smoke up your own ass. If you were to meet a nice guy who asked you to be his girl, would you agree or would you tell him to know his role and be happy as your part-time penis? Answer that question privately and keep it real with yourself. Don’t walk around pretending to be single and loving it when you’re single and looking.

 my home girl G, Said She Wanted the Original Blogs back .. Im Back!


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