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SMACK/URL PRESENTS : Hollow Da Don Vs Tsu Surf

I was there live i gave it to surf 2-1 … hollow heated up to late … what you think?


Killaz Battle League Main Event: Math Hoffa vs T-Rex (Rematch)

The Rematch …. Rex got it to me… you?

They Debate on who win ..


Mannnnnn That Boy Magic Dont fuck AROUND.!!! magic 2-1 !!!!


The Leader in MC Battle Culture Is Back At It With Another Night Of Classic Match Ups. SMACK/ URL Present NIGHT OF MAIN EVENTS 3. It All Takes Place On JUNE 23RD At NYC’S STAGE 48. Tickets are Available at Log On To URLTV.TV For Details And Follow Us @URLTV. Subscribe To Our Channel WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/THEURLTV For The Latest Developments With The URLTV Movement.

Ticket link –…

(Smack DVD BATTLE) x-factor vs. nymesys

Ordering some Chinese food and watching  Smack Dvds was the shit ..

The Cipher : Mickey Factz, Nymesys, Nakim (CRAZY)

Lurking thru these youtube channels … came across this ..

Killaz Battle League: Brooklyn Hanz vs Iron Sheikh (Round 1) – What started with just a simple idea proposed during a company meeting by Battle Rap journalist Michael Hughes, has now evolved into a full-blown battle league. Through various interviews conducted by Hughes, and business meetings with Vlad, one of Battle Rap’s elite MCs, Math Hoffa, was brought on board and contributed greatly to the first ever Killaz Battle League event. Combine those two factors with VladTV’s colossal presence on the Internet, connecting with millions of individuals on a daily basis, and you have the birth of a fresh and powerful battle league to help the culture evolve as a whole: Killaz.

The first battle that took place on the historical Killaz Battle League event on May 11th, 2013, was a highly anticipated gritty street match between two of the realest MCs in the game, Iron Sheikh vs Brooklyn Hanz. Both rappers are certified when it comes to their street cred, which only made this battle and the bars they spit more interesting and believable for fans to enjoy. Iron Sheikh, a Bronx representative, came spitting hard street bars combined with a conscious, preacher-like style reminiscent of his Lionz Den teammate, Loaded Lux. N.Y.B member Hanz came with pureaggression, gritty bars, and an impressively clean and polished performance, for this was his first battle to ever be caught on film.

It could be judged either way depending on which style of rap you like best. Who do you think won, Iron Sheikh, or Brooklyn Hanz?

**Round 2 of Brooklyn Hanz vs Iron Sheikh will drop tomorrow, May 30th, 2013 at 12 p.m.

Stay tuned.